Since 1996 I’ve worked in an administrative support role in a variety of settings, including video game development, aerospace, and healthcare.  I’ve done the myriad things a person in that role does… yes, including getting coffee.   Also including spreadsheets, flyers, maintaining calendars, transcription, etc…

The most important thing I’ve learned in all this time is how to make someone else look good. That’s my goal:  to complete your project in such a way that it makes you look brilliant.
Tell me your vision and I will make it a reality.

Some services I provide include:

  • I create and maintain websites, update social media and manage newsletters and giveaways for my clients.
  • I accurately transcribe audio files into high quality documents.  I’m also skilled at proofreading (APA and MLA)
  • I create documents and reports, design spreadsheets, flyers, and forms, PowerPoint presentations.  Pretty much all those things you need from a secretary.

Contact me to inquire about your project!